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About Us

Here at SignalCX it’s our business to ensure that brands stand out, differentiating their offer through service and experience.

We’ve been successfully doing so since 1976, and we’re still excited about it. Perhaps that’s because we’re endlessly curious about people, and why they do what they do – and it’s certainly because we are absolutely dedicated to creating and delivering the best differentiated customer experiences for our clients, time after time.

We’re flexible and our expertise across so many sectors means we’re always confident that we can ‘ace’ any CX brief that comes our way. These factors have made us very popular in both the B2C and B2B sectors – delivering projects across multiple countries and cultures.

Our Story

SignalCX was previously known as TMI UK. TMI was ‘born’ in 1976 in Denmark. We first gained world-wide acclaim in the 1980s when we set up a joint-venture with Jan Carlzon, then head of SAS, called the Scandinavian Service School. Together we pioneered the use of the term ‘Moments of Truth’. Since then, we have been helping some of the world’s greatest brands realise that they face ‘moments of truth’ daily and are judged whenever they interact with customers.

Today, SignalCX is a subsidiary of Cello Health Group PLC, a well-established strategic marketing and consulting group. We are part of a group of nearly 1,000 highly skilled professionals utilising latest thinking, technology and digital solutions.

Cello Health has offices in the UK, the US and Asia.

The Five Bee-liefs

Six including the commandment of corny puns!

What makes us different?

Here are lots of reasons why we think we are great partners. But at the end of the day, it also comes down to this: we’re good people, who know our stuff, are fun to work with and will work our little cotton socks off to develop great customer experiences for you that will genuinely make a difference to your bottom line. Honestly, what’s not to love?


We bring best practice from different contexts to our clients. We often arrange thought sessions where we gather a range of clients from different industries to brainstorm your particular challenge.

Commercially minded

We get under the skin of how you make money (and how you lose it) so that our strategy maximises your ROI.

No ‘B’ team

All our consultants are senior level people who have often operated at director level themselves.

Organisational partners

These days, great brands rarely do everything themselves. They might work through third parties or as a franchise brand. We have significant experience of what it takes to engage these partners.


We pride ourselves on great working relationships with our clients. Service development works best when it is developed collaboratively with people who are comfortable sharing and challenging each other.


We tailor our outputs according to how our clients want to use them. This can be anything from a strategy that outlines their service framework – e.g. service style, core behaviours etc. or something that outlines the desired service experience across the end-to-end journey.

Our people are all
people people

Everyone on the team is driven by wanting to inspire people not only to change but change for the better. We’re all restlessly curious people – this drives us to keep hunting out what’s new and what else is out there. We challenge things constructively – hoping to find the best outcomes and maintain the balance between humour, honesty and integrity.

Basically, we’re really fun to work with, we tell it like it is (nicely!) to help you get the best results.

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Adam Hankinson

Consultant and water sports fanatic

Adam Lane

Consultant and a keen sailor, gardener and an overall outdoors-y chap

Anne-Cecile Bertrand

Consultant and polyglot

Claire Stradling

Consultant and film geek

Gillian James

CEO and lover of fine food and wine and wine and wine…

Jesper Ekelund

Consultant and lover of the outdoors!

Julie Robinson

Consultant and Pilates enthusiast

Karen Collins

Consultant and avid gardener

Liz Gascoigne

Consultant and musical maestro!

Liz Taylor

Consultant and lover of 70s disco

Martin Dufficy

Consultant and mad about guitars – building and playing

Martin Gillard

Trainer/Coach and Techie… 3 hens 5 guinea fowl and a pottery wife

Michelle Maguire

Head of Operations and passionate gig-goer

Neil Ireland

Consultant and contestant on BBC’s Eggheads

Nina Prentice

Consultant and qualified wino (yes seriously! Working my way to advanced… WSET!)

Paul Winsper

Creative Designer and camper van king

Rachel Havill

Consultant and early morning trail runner (with Archie the dog)

Ruth Evans

Consultant and enthusiastic hockey player, mum of 3 boys and 6 ducks

Simon Horan

Consultant and oarsome rower

Star Ginns

Project Manager and resident therapist

Steve France-Sargeant

Trainer and Fly Fishing a”fish”ionado…

Trudy Zagare

Consultant and off-the-beaten-track traveller

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