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We have three powerful products that play different, but critical roles in enabling an organisation to deliver great CX.

Service Leadership Index

Customer-centric cultures require customer-focussed leaders who display the right behaviours.

The SignalCX Service Leadership Index (SLI™) measures the individual service reputation of every member of your Top Team – a powerful demonstration of commitment to leading the desired culture.

This global benchmark – honed from 40 years’ experience in service culture change – enables your senior leadership to understand their own individual and collective reputation and strengths with regards to service and provides a framework to develop and embed the desired culture individually and organisationally.

Service Animals

Service Animals™ is our world renowned tool that enables managers and their team members to make the most of their individual service personalities to maximise their organisations service experience.

We believe each of us has an inner animal that shapes how we communicate with others, and shapes the service we give each other and our customers.

Understand your own inner animal and how to recognise others. So you can build better rapport and better relationships. What’s not to love?

Health Matters

COVID-19 has changed the context in which organisations work. Health is no longer a peripheral concern – it needs to be front and centre in what we do – for our colleagues and our customers.

Organisations need to instil a sense of purpose and commitment towards health. In other words, successful organisations will be defined as those who have a culture that puts health (in its broadest sense) at the forefront of their activities. Health Matters™ is an audit that assesses an organisation’s cultural orientation towards health. The audit provides organisations with an index which benchmarks them against a ‘best in class’ rating.

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