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What we do

Think about your favourite brands. How do they make you feel? Good brand vibes like those are the fruit of our labour.

CX matters

And good brand vibes only happen if we stir up some emotions – obviously only the positive ones!

That’s why our job is to help you bring great customer experiences to life.

Customer experience is essentially the way customers assess a brand’s reputation. It is often described as the sum total of all the different interactions that customers have with an organisation. When it really works, it’s like a seamless manifestation of the brand across every touchpoint. When it doesn’t, it has an (sometimes immediate) impact to an organisation’s bottom line, a customer’s loyalty and more broadly, their ultimate perception of your brand.

Oh, do behave!

Service behaviours are the way that your people behave with your customers and each other – and they offer your organisation the most effective way to dramatically improve your customer experience quickly and cost effectively.

Work with us and we’ll help you to align your service to your brand experience creating the most powerful and above all, meaningful, brand interactions. (Nobody likes meaningless CX!)

Signal of intent

SignalCX Culture Circle

The SignalCX Culture Circle model outlines the different elements that need to be aligned so that great experiences can flourish. It’s the secret sauce if you like.

Strategy: When it comes to CX, what are you trying to do and why?
Values: Do you believe in great CX? What other values do you share?
Skills: Are your colleagues, managers and leaders equipped to lead and deliver great experiences?
Structure: Are you organised in a way that supports great CX? (Are you managing those dreaded organisational silos?)
Systems: How do you keep it going – has your rhythm and routine evolved to maintain a healthy CX culture?

In the middle, what we believe is the most important:

Signals: What signals are you sending your customers? What signals are leaders sending employees?

Our work can equip your team with the approach and skills required helping to transform your organisation into one with a genuinely customer-centric mindset; structured to foster a culture that instinctively puts the customer first. One that sends all the right signals, all of the time.

This is the difference between cynicism and integrity, and this is what drives our passion.

Go with the flow

Organisations are unique – they have different cultures, context and customers. That’s why we don’t impose rigid processes on you. Instead, we like to think about our way of working as a flow. And we do it in a way that keeps things going. The important thing to remember is that whilst we adapt what we do to the way you are, we have done this many, many times before, so you can relax, you’re in safe hands!

The SignalCX journey


In this phase, we get under the skin of your brand. We identify what will genuinely differentiate you – defining how this plays to your strength, aligns to your brand and the extent to which it is desirable to your customers.

Our methods range from quantitative methodologies to innovative qualitative tools such as mobile ethnography. We’re great at ‘sweating’ your own insights and often perform cultural audits to gauge organisational readiness to deliver a differentiated service experience.


We love co-creation and use it to develop strategy building blocks as well as specific service experiences. We co-create with colleagues and customers in the (virtual or physical) room together – ideas become more pragmatic, but also more innovative.

Once we’ve identified possible service behaviours, we test them in actual working environments – ensuring they are genuinely deliverable. This also helps with organisational engagement and buy-in.


Finally, we make sure the approach to sustainment is robust. This includes training solutions but doesn’t end there.

Great service experiences rely on coaching, recognition, constant measurement and steps to improve. We ensure that we support our clients in the development of these stages.

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