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Better CX

If you’re looking for customer experience
expertise, you’ve come to the right place.

The CX experts

At SignalCX it’s our business to ensure that brands stand out, differentiating their offer through service and experience.

We’ve been achieving great results for over forty years, so we know what we’re doing – but we are always restlessly seeking better ways to help our clients deliver a better customer experience for their clients and customers. After all, everyone is looking for great CX!

The clue is in the name

We believe that great customer experience happens when the signals you send customers and colleagues are 100% aligned with your brand and service vision.

In fact, we’re so convinced that signals are everything when it comes to great CX that our processes are designed with signals at their very core and we even named our company after them!

Are the signals you are sending out to your customers and employees aligned to the strategic intent of your brand?

At SignalCX we can help you ensure that they always do.

Great CX
Great success

We will never play down our success, but we much prefer to let the results speak for themselves:

Our initiatives helped improve patient satisfaction by over


Increased the likelihood of guests recommending the chain from 73% to


We helped increase their year-on-year nursery sales by a business-changing 22%

Took colleague engagement from 12% to 58% in 2 years. An increase of…


In one year, helped push their customer experience scores from 7.2 to a CX-y…


Who we do it with

We’re proud to have worked with such great clients, and have formed many powerful, collaborative ongoing relationships.

After all, that’s where the best CX happens!


Market intelligence, people watching and being human keeps our work innovative, relevant and engaging.

Here’s the latest thoughts and reports from our team.

The (not so) dirty dozen

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CX as usual

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